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BrokerExtra have tested and verified thousands of trading systems and selected out the ones that actually work. Our mission is to give honest feedback about trading strategy providers, money managers, automated trading, crypto etc. We only publish about systems that our team has used over period of time.

Our team members have over 10+ years of experience.

BrokerExtra started from group of retail traders who have been working collectively to mentor each other and discuss strategies and systems. We saw niece in the market that there are many systems but very few that work over long term to actually make returns consistently. Our aim is to share systems that actually work and only share and add verified profitable strategies.  


Market Watch

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Trading theories are an essential aspect of trading that every trader should be familiar with. They are sets of principles…

Trading Pullbacks: Strategies for Maximizing Profits

Trading pullbacks is a popular strategy used by traders to capitalize on market trends. A pullback is a temporary reversal…

Bearish Patterns: Understanding and Identifying Market Trends

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What people say about us

BrokerExtra is a true ally for traders. Their website provides a wealth of educational materials, expert insights, and cutting-edge tools. The personalized strategy selection and risk management options have given me the confidence to navigate the markets with ease. I couldn't be happier with the results.
Ethan Davis
As a novice trader, I was initially hesitant, but their team patiently walked me through the process and helped me identify the strategies that best suited my risk tolerance. I feel more confident and informed in my trading decisions now.
Ava Thompson
Before I felt overwhelmed by the vast number of trading strategies available. Their team of experts provided me with personalized programs that perfectly align with my investment goals.
Li Mei Chen
BrokerExtra has become my go-to resource for all things trading-related. The platform's ability to tailor strategy recommendations based on my risk profile has been instrumental in my success.
Hiroshi Kimura is a game-changer! The platform's innovative approach to strategy selection and risk management has taken my trading to the next level. Their recommendations are spot-on and have allowed me to maximize profits while minimizing potential losses.
Oliver Wilson